Admiration in Sex

When a man lets you walk all over him, he loses your respect and admiration. When he dominates you, the opposite happens. This is your nature. Accept it and be happy. Ignore it, and you will never be content. This is true in most aspects of a male-female romance and particularly true in the bedroom. Every girl, no matter how seemingly innocent or virtuous, has a dirty little slut inside of her, willing to – nay, craving to – engage in depravity with a dominant man. It’s up to the individual man to bring it out. She herself cannot bring it out, because that would make her an overt slut, so she depends on a dominant man to take it. Most men are too timid to dominate a woman in bed. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she wants. Power vacuums don’t exist in relationships. Either your man dominates or you will. Your man’s submissive behavior forces you to increasingly be the one who wears the pants in the relationship. You come to dominate your man, which in turn leads to more resentment for the both of you. It’s a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle. Learn more at

Many women in the West think they want to lead, but hate it when they have to. When he is dominant, his happiness makes her happy. When he is submissive, she doesn’t care about his happiness. Most women want to submit to a man, it’s just that there are so few men worthy of submission. Men also want to feel that they are needed, that they fulfill the primal male role of protector and provider. Your submission reaffirms this image and makes him feel better both about himself and you. If you want to have high sexual mastery and you also want your man to be dominant, start by being submissive right from the beginning of a relationship. If your man is not naturally dominant, he will quickly grow into that role to fill the power vacuum. Submit to him in your daily life. Tell him you will do as he says and (unless his demands are wildly unreasonable) let him take charge. He will grow more dominant and both of you will be happier for it. Don’t forget to be submissive where it matters the most: in bed. Contrary to what many believe, most men don’t actually appreciate a woman who is aggressive in the bedroom. And most women certainly don’t appreciate men who are tender and submissive in the sack. Invite your man to take charge. Invite (don’t command) him to defile you, and do it in a coy, feminine manner. Finally, you should occasionally invite him to enjoy the ultimate (and therefore, to a man, the hottest) act of female submission; His coming to fruition on your smiling face.

Just as dominant men turn you on

Just as dominant men turn you on, men find your submissiveness very enticing. All the talk about gender equality notwithstanding, if we’re being honest, you yearn for a man who can call the shots. A woman submitting to her man is hot, while a man submitting to his woman is repulsive. Both men and women share this view, and understand it on a visceral level, although many are uncomfortable saying it out loud or have been so thoroughly indoctrinated as to have fooled themselves into believing the opposite. Why do you think 50 Shades of Grey was such a hit? It tapped into the secret desires of women, which they aren’t supposed to talk about because it doesn’t square with the narrative perpetuated by the popular media where a shy, stuttering, unassertive man can sleep with 9s. Learn more at

The problem is that the great mass of men in the West were raised (by females) to think calling the shots is sexist, and that women are delicate creatures who should be treated with the utmost care, sensitivity and toward whom they should be exceedingly respectful, bordering on obsequious. They’ve been told that if they act like Hugh Grant they will be rewarded with sex with women that look like Julia Roberts. And since men will act however they think they need to act to get sex from women, don’t be surprised that supplicating nice-guys surround you. If you are an attractive woman, chances are you have at some point, probably in your late teens or early twenties, been in a relationship with a submissive beta male. He went along with all your wishes and treated you like a princess. Then what happened? Did that turn you on and make you want to get on your knees and give him world-class fellatio? No. If you are like most women, you became increasingly dominant, making more and more unreasonable demands of him, secretly hoping he would not acquiesce (this is what’s known as shit testing) but finding to your dismay that he kept putting up with your outrageous requests. Then, one day, you discovered you had become a monster who treated her boyfriend with an utter lack of respect because he was the type of man who warranted none. That’s when you decided to end the relationship. Your boyfriend couldn’t understand what had happened, because he treated you so courteously, doing everything you asked of him. And you cannot tell him, because you have always thought (and been told, just like he has) that what you wanted as a woman was a kind, respectful man. But you had both been deceived. If you are one of these women, don’t feel bad. Your experience is not unique and, in fact, it is a story as old as time itself. One of the dualities of female nature is that you want both to dominate and to be dominated. With submissive men you become dominant. With dominant men you become submissive. You love how the dominant man makes you feel feminine; you hate how the submissive man makes you masculine.

Wealth and Sexual Attraction

Very few of the young women who marry considerably older, rich men are genuine gold-diggers, because the term implies that a woman does not actually find the man attractive yet is willing to subject herself to intrusions from wrinkly, Pfizer-fueled wood in order to enjoy an opulent lifestyle. The reality, however, is that wealth makes a man sexually appealing to a woman. It is not usually women’s pragmatism that drives such choices, it is their lust. This is difficult for men to grasp because money does not make a woman sexier. While the occasional young man may marry a moribund billionaire heiress, feign sexual interest in her for a few years while awaiting her demise and the prize that follows and in the meantime diligently suppress the nausea arising from the sight of saggy prune mammaries, women in the same situation do not actually make a corresponding sacrifice because they really do find the man sexually attractive. Wealth, in this sense, has the same function on a man’s looks as makeup has to that of the woman. Evolutionary biology easily explains this: Men who were turned on by fertile women were selected for because men who preferred primarily barren ones did not reproduce and, likewise, women who were turned on by men of excess resources enjoyed momentous reproductive advantages.

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It follows, then, that women are genetically predisposed to find wealthy men, even old and unfit ones, arousing. Throughout human history, with a few notable exceptions such as during periods of communist rule (and to some degree even then), affluence has been one of the surest ways to ensure the survival of the offspring, as well as promote a great volume of that offspring.

Mating with rich men gave women procreative protection, which is why they prefer it to this day. The wealthier the man, the more children he could father and the more secure and well-fed those children would be. This, regrettably, is in stark contrast to the current era of Western world dysgenics where intelligent, responsible and financially successful people have very few children because they are heavily taxed, worry about the national debt, the environment, overpopulation or other Malthusian problems, while cretins and unemployed layabouts, devoid of such abstract concerns for the future of humanity, have plenty of children because their breeding is subsidized by, ironically, the aforementioned national debt. Wealth is a form of power, which, for reasons explained in the previous section, is inherently sexy. It also raises a man’s sexual mastery because, beyond the reproductive advantages they reap, women who mate with rich men also enjoy a greater level of physical comfort, exciting lifestyles and the peer group admiration (and envy) on which many women thrive. Remember that the age-old exchange in the sexual market is fertility (beauty) for resources. Women measure themselves by their relationships, men by their achievements. Why do women have their men buy them $10,000 Prada bags? It is a way of telling other women, “look how much my vagina is worth” in terms of male achievement. Wealthy men, similarly, show off their sexy wives, as a way of saying, “look at what my achievements are worth” in terms of vagina.

Invest In Yourself

You must gain a considerable amount of self-knowledge, which is to say that you must, through rigorous analysis, philosophic contemplation and possibly therapy, come to understand who you are and what environmental influences in your history has shaped your personality (your fears, desires, personal characteristics etc.). What narrative is your life based on? What lies are you telling yourself? What choices have you rationalized and which experiences have you normalized? As you answer these questions and others, you will come to understand what subconscious limitations you are imposing on yourself and which petty people in your life have a vested interest in holding you back for fear that you may actually amount to something and make them painfully aware of their own inconsequentiality. Leave the jealous, saboteur losers and haters behind. Only when you see your mental shackles can you cast them off and once you do you will be liberated, like a bird caught by an oil spill but then washed clean by some Greenpeace volunteer, to soar high above the sheeple and be in the company of self-actualizers, the eagles of mankind. Henry David Thoreau said that the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. The mass of men also have low sexual mastery . Don’t let that be you. Learn more at

Being knowledgeable, whether about yourself or the world, not only raises your sexual mastery directly by making you a more interesting, virtuous and admirable person, but affords you a more stable foundation upon which to base your decisions. Cultivate in yourself the classical virtues of courage (especially of the moral kind), honesty, self-discipline and a sense of justice. Virtues are positive moral characteristics that are not innate but which can be developed and honed throughout life. When you are virtuous and have sound moral convictions – which you cannot get by passively inheriting opinions from your parents or absorbing and regurgitating those of your peer group, but only by evaluating moral questions independently using your own judgment – you will be at ease with and respect yourself, which will cause you to radiate a confidence that will draw other virtuous people to you like teenage girls to a Justin Bieber concert.

Virtue also makes you happy. Aristotle’s formula for happiness looked like this: Reason = Virtue = Happiness To develop virtues, then, you must employ reason, which means you must cast aside mysticism, false narratives and emotional decision-making. This may include saying goodbye to religion, certain political ideologies and tarot-card readings. In brief, virtue makes you more confident, attracts better friends and makes you happier, all of which makes you more attractive to women.

Stop trying to find the perfect woman

Stop trying to find the perfect woman. Chasing after high sexual mastery women directly is inefficient because a) truly high sexual mastery men don’t chase women, but rather induce them to chase him and b) if your own sexual mastery is low and you should happen by dumb luck to catch some first-rate poon, you will never feel entirely at ease, always concerned that she may find someone better – and chances are, if she’s young, she eventually will. Aim instead for self-actualization. Focus on becoming the best possible man that you can be, considering your predispositions. Strive to be remarkable. Be better than other men in some significant capacity. By significant I mean something that actually matters (as Roissy puts it, there is a groupie for every male endeavor, except World of Warcraft). If you succeed in becoming remarkable, high sexual mastery women will find you. Learn more at

In other words, if you chase women instead of achievement, you are unlikely to get much of either. If you chase achievement, women of quality will flow your way in proportion to your achievements. When making the choice of which type of remarkability to pursue, it’s important that you take into account your strengths and weakness, determine where you have the greatest potential and then focus your efforts on the endeavors that will have the most impact. In other words, invest your time and energy in whatever is likely to pay the highest return. If you have an IQ of 90, for instance, you’d be better off hitting the gym six days a week and getting ripped rather than, say, attempting to start a hedge fund. By the same token, if you are a high IQ guy, which is probably the case if you’re reading this book, you are likely better served by devoting only a modicum of time and effort to lifting weights (you can still be in decent shape by working out at home for half an hour three times a week while watching your diet) and instead focus on becoming wealthy. This is not to say that you can’t be in great shape and financially successful at the same time – of course you can – merely that as there are only 24 hours in a day, the more goals you pursue at the same time the longer it will take or the more difficult it will be to reach any of them. I can’t tell you which goals to pursue because I know nothing of your individual situation or potential. Maybe you should learn the guitar or maybe you should learn to code. You will have to make a judgment call on this. One of the easiest steps you can take to raise your sexual mastery right now is to develop a sense of style. Since eight out of ten men have no idea of what the hell they’re doing when they get dressed or get a haircut, learning the basics of how to pick out matching clothes that fit you and grasping how to groom or smell good can put you miles ahead of most men right away.

Whatever goals you choose to pursue, you can’t go wrong making more money (Thanks, Captain Obvious!). I won’t belabor this self-evident point except to say that to make money you’ll need to learn skills that are worth something to others and once you’re making money you should spend considerably less than you earn and invest the remainder. Keep increasing your skill level, and consequently your earnings, and keep investing. This is a foolproof path to wealth, but one that too many people nonetheless neglect. There are plenty of good books on the subject, it’s not that complicated and, like Jack Ma says, you have no excuse if you’re still poor at 35. But a commitment to becoming fit, presentable and rich is just the first step on your journey toward full sexual mastery (and self-) actualization. Beyond investing in your prosperity and aesthetic appeal, if you wish to rise to the very pinnacle of manhood (the exclusive club on whose door top-shelf women are incessantly knocking with Gestapo-esque vigor) you must expend considerable effort on the development of your character.

Being Single and Blowjobs

Single motherhood is to sexual mastery what rain is to suede. If you have illegitimate children, your value as a mate to other men will be cut in half, give or take. Exactly by how much your sexual mastery will be reduced will vary for each individual and will depend on factors such as your age and where you live. Your sexual mastery will be further reduced for each additional child. Listed below are some of the important reasons single motherhood decimates your sexual mastery: – Men with choices prefer to raise their own children. People are only sexy insofar as they inspire our primal urges toward reproduction. Evolution only works because we prefer our own genes. A man who raises someone else’s children is not furthering his gene pool. Why should he invest his hard-earned resources in someone else’s spawn? – Mating with, or marrying, a single mom means taking on added responsibility and costs. – Creepy/jealous/insane/violent exes may be lurking around, harassing, stalking or otherwise making life difficult for the mother and the substitute daddy. – The man who dates a single mom will never be his girlfriend’s/wife’s priority. Her child will (and rightfully should). – The child will not necessarily bond emotionally with mom’s new boyfriend and could cause a lot of you’re-not-my-dad type of headaches. Learn more at

– Single mothers are busy. Motherhood takes a lot of time and work, which means she will be that much less accessible to a husband or boyfriend. No man wants to have his late-night hanky-panky interrupted by the pressing need to check for monsters under the bed. – Most importantly, if you’re a single mom and not a widow or a rape victim it usually means one of two things: 1) You had unprotected sex with a bad man who wouldn’t be around to raise the kid, in which case you are at best a very poor judge of character and at worst an indifferent and undiscriminating slut. 2) You had unprotected sex with a good man and drove him away, in which case you are at best a difficult or annoying person and at worst an unbearable, nagging, manipulative, divorce-rapist. Either way, you are a demonstrably poor decision maker and undesirable compared to your unattached sistren. Accordingly, although you may be able to compensate for your sexual indiscretion by being inordinately hot or agreeable, the men who show an interest in committing to you for the long term will be men with relatively few options, in other words, men with mediocre to low sexual mastery.

If you live in a society that has a generous state (The US, most of Europe etc.), single motherhood’s negative impact on your sexual mastery will be lower than in one that does not redistribute wealth to single mothers. Western countries effectively subsidize the sexual mastery of single moms through social benefits schemes (which is why we have more and more of them), making them less of an economic burden to prospective boyfriends/husbands. People in countries without a significant welfare state have a much less distorted view of the sexual mastery of single moms. Illegitimate children in Asia, for example, are far more rare than in the US or Europe. People generally marry younger and parents exert greater pressure on daughters to act and dress conservatively because they know the extra burden they will be left with should their daughter become a single mother. When welfare states collapse, as they do from time to time, the sexual mastery of single mothers nosedives. The day this happens in Europe and the US (it will eventually), single mothers will have to compensate for the added burden they are bringing to the relationship by being extra nice to prospective husbands or boyfriends. That is to say, more foot rubs, home cooked meals and, dare I say it, blowjobs.

Normal Intercourse

I looked deep into her eyes. “Baby, you’re going to remember this for the rest of your life.” I slowly withdrew my penis from her, then suddenly plunged it all deep into her vagina. I let it sit deep inside her for a little while so to let her feel the sensations of being deflowered. She came on the first stroke. NOTES The virgin fantasy is one of my favorite fantasies. It is very easy to do, as almost all women have very emotional memories of their first time. And, those emotions are very powerful. So powerful that it is possible to make women cum on the first stroke when you do the virgin fantasy properly. You must make sure to bring her to the brink of orgasm once or twice by eating her out before you start teasing her with your penis. You must also make sure to build up to it thoroughly – tease her and make her crave for you to take her virginity away more than anything. When she asks for you to take it, it is important that you take her virginity in one sudden, dramatic stroke. Let your penis sit deep inside her for a few seconds. This is the way to make that first stroke so incredible that you can make some women cum instantly. DESCRIPTION At one time or another, we all fantasize about having sex with someone of the same gender. These bisexual urges tend to be especially strong in women. She will be attracted to the idea the Variety of woman on women sex – having sex with my wife is very different than normal heterosexual intercourse according to

She will also be emotionally excited by the forbidden and “naughty” nature of having sex with my wife. This fantasy is most powerful if you fantasize about a specific woman that your wife is attracted to. It is best to use a woman that you both know in real life, not a celebrity. Get your wife aroused, and then start talking about how it would feel if the other woman were doing whatever it is that you are doing. Tell her that you shouldn’t even be thinking about this, to add to the forbidden appeal of another woman’s touch. It is best to narrate this fantasy as a story, with what you are doing loosely corresponding to what you are narrating. At different times, you will be acting as yourself and as the other woman. She will also be acting as herself, and as the other woman at times. When you are acting as yourself, be dominant and act as you normally do in bed. However, you want to act very differently when you are simulating the other woman’s touch. Lick her softly and touch her with a feminine, gentle caress.

I once had a party at my house and invited my wife. She became fast friends with Kara, another woman at the party – a vivacious brunette with an athletic body. My wife was bisexual before having met me, and confessed that she was attracted to Kara. This gave me the idea for a new fantasy. I started fingering her and then licking her vagina as normal. Then I asked her what it would feel like if it was Kara doing this to her. “Maybe…Kara would breathe on your vagina,” I breathed on her vagina, “and lick you softly like this.” I started licking her clit, softly rubbing it against my tongue. I ate her out gently and slowly while she closed her eyes and pretended that it was Kara in between her legs. After giving her a long time to fantasize about this, I looked up from her vagina. “I wonder what Kara’s vagina would taste like,” I said. “Maybe it would taste like this.” I moved on top of her and kissed her deeply, allowing her to taste her own juices.

Increasing Intimacy with My Wife

Because of a vacation I went on, I didn’t see my wife for nearly three weeks. We were deeply in love with each other, so this was very hard for us. She couldn’t sleep at night without me, and would frequently call me crying, saying how much she missed me. Needless to say, when we finally saw each other again it was amazing. Lost in our passion, we immediately had sex four times, stopping only for rest and re-hydration. We then ordered pizza, ate it, and went back upstairs to fall asleep. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other though, fondling each other despite our soreness. I started kissing her and fingering her through her panties according to

She was getting wet. She gave me token resistance. “No baby, I’m sore…we can’t do this.” The wetness in between her legs and her hips grinding against me said otherwise. I rolled on top of her and grabbed her by the throat. “Look at you, you’re all wet for me,” I said. I took my finger and put it into her mouth, making her taste her vagina. “You’re my little vagina,” I told her, “and I’m going to screw you any time I want. I grabbed her face, and started making out with her hard. She protested, but then I took her shirt off. “These are mine,” I told her, grabbed her breasts roughly and sucking on her nipples. “And I’m going to do whatever I want with them.” “No,” she said in play resistance, “they’re mine!” “Really?” I asked her. I looked her in the eye for a long second, then without warning grabbed her panties. She tried to squirm away – I had done this to her once before, so she knew what was going to happen. I grabbed her flimsy panties, twisted them around my hand, and pulled hard to the side. They ripped off, exposing her naked vagina. She protested again. “You ruined my underwear! You can’t–” “Shut up,” I said, and slapped her lightly but firmly across the face. “You’re my wet little vagina, and you’re going to spread your legs and get ready to get screwed by me.” My wife was very well converted, and very compliant. Plus, she was wet and really wanted to get screwed anyways. Obediently, she spread her legs. “Good woman,” I said. I rubbed the head of my penis against her vagina to tease her. “Now beg for it. Say ‘Please screw me master’”. “No!” she said. “You’re a bad little woman,” I told her. I got her even more turned on my eating her out, then started teasing her with my penis again. I would slip just the head inside her – then take it back out. I did this until she couldn’t take it anymore, then I asked her “baby…do you want me to screw you?” “Yes,” she said, gritting her teeth. “Say, ‘Please screw me master.’” “Please screw me.”

Blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom

Here’s how I’m going to do it: In the first chapter of this book, I’m going to alert you to some common bedroom mistakes that almost ALL guys make. Most guys are totally clueless that they’re doing many things to turn women off in the bedroom, because women almost never discuss these things openly with men. In the first Act of this book though, I’ll let you in on these “secret” turn-offs that women have so that you can steer clear of them. Just by doing this, you’ll have a huge edge over almost every other guy. In the second chapter, I’m going to teach you my patented four- step method for giving women orgasms. I’ve learned that everything that turns women on in the bedroom can be reduced to four core sexual desires…and that giving her orgasms is just a matter of satisfying those desires. Once you know what these desires are and the method for using them, giving women orgasms becomes easy. In the third chapter, I’m going to give you a powerful arsenal of physical and psychological techniques to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom.

But be careful…once you’ve mastered these techniques, you’ll have literally have women becoming sexually addicted to you. And in the fourth and final chapter, I’m going to share nine of women’s most secret sexual fantasies with you. I’ll also show you exactly how to use them to turn women on – and how you can act out any other fantasy in the bedroom that you might desire. But there is a catch…if you want me to truly change your sex life for the better through this book, I also have to ask for a commitment from you. Since I’ve written this book, I’ve spoken at large seminars, done Sexual Confidence Bootcamps all over the world, and have helped thousands of guys through this book. Although just about every guy improves his sex life just as the result of reading this book alone, there are some who make really phenomenal changes in their sex lives amazingly quickly as the result of reading it. So, what makes these guys different than the average guy? I’ve noticed that these guys usually don’t have any more “talent” or “natural ability” than the average guy…but they all have one thing in common according to

And that is, they all steadily and consistently ACT on specific techniques and pieces of advice I give in this book. In other words, they say to themselves “The very next time I have sex, I am going to use that dirty talk technique.” Then, the next time they have sex, even though they might be a little nervous to try something new, they actually DO IT. This way, their confidence in the material is increasedgecause they can see how well women respond to them, and they progressively master one technique after another like clockwork. In a matter of a few months, a guy like this will be giving women orgasms almost effortlessly. This is the commitment that I’m asking you to make before reading this book. As you read this, look for techniques that you could try the very next time you have sex. Then, once you find one, commit to trying it out and ACTING on it. If you can do this, you’ll have women raving about how you’re the best they’ve ever had before you know it. Let me go back to the original question: what makes this sex book different than all the other sex books out there? In my journey towards sexual mastery, I tried almost everything out there.

Novice Fellatio Mistake

Another novice fellatio mistake is allowing her teeth to touch your penis at any time. I’m sure all of you know how annoyingly painful this can be firsthand. If this is a problem with your wife, tell her to stop it from touching her teeth with her lips. Say “Don’t let it touch your teeth baby…use your Iips… .put your lips over your teeth.” Combine this with dirty talk, and these instructions will be a turn on for her as well. Even when you’re not giving a woman instruction, you should always to talking dirty to her while she’s going down on you. Tell her what a dirty slut she is, and how much she loves sucking your penis. Tell her how good your penis feels in her mouth.

Provide her with psychological stimulation to make her enjoy blowing you even more. Eye contact is also great during blowjobs. Telling a woman to look at you improves the Immersion and Emotion of the blowjob, for both you and her. It’s a huge turn on to see a beautiful woman naked and horny, looking you in the eyes with your penis in her mouth according to

There are two types of blowjobs that a woman can give you: a foreplay blowjob and an orgasm blowjob.

A foreplay blowjob is meant to get you primed for sex. It’s a great way for her to get your penis hard, and to get you aroused and ready to screw her. A foreplay blowjob should be slow and teasing. Like the vagina, the penis must be treated gently at first before the man is aroused. It should be more about the psychological stimulation of her sucking your penis to get your ready to screw her, than the actual physical stimulation. Have her lick the sensitive ridge beneath the head of your penis, and watch you shudder.

Have her breathe warmly on your penis with her lips barely touching it. Have her take your penis into her mouth, and then softly kiss it. As you become harder and harder, have her take your penis deeper and deeper into her mouth, deep- throating it if she can. I have found that if a woman gives you a short blowjob (3-5 minutes) before sex, it makes the sex much better. It improves your Immersion – by the time you enter her, you’re already highly aroused. Counter-intuitively, it can also make you last longer. If you have her stimulate your penis and get you turned on and then wait for thirty seconds to a minute before you screw her, it will help your stamina. You don’t have to wait around staring at the clock; you can finger her or eat her out to get her ready for sex too. The most important thing for a foreplay blowjob is that she uses a Variety of strokes.

The penis becomes desensitized when it is stimulated in one way for too long. Have her experiment with a combination of hand stimulation, licking, kissing, sucking, and sucking with tongue stimulation. Be vocal; tell her what you like, and encourage her to do more of it.

Orgasm blowjobs can also be great. Oftentimes when you have achieved a high level of sexual mastery and can put your wife in the Continuously Orgasmic State, she will be drained and sore after being screwed so hard and being made to cum so intensely. And at high levels of sexual mastery, you’ll still be horny even after such great sex. This is a great time for her to give you an orgasm blowjob. Another good use for an orgasm blowjob is to warm you up for sex later, when you’re confident that your stamina will outlast hers. Of course, these types of blowjobs will never be as good as sex; the level of psychological stimulation is nowhere near as high. But with practice, a woman can learn to make you cum pretty hard just by sucking you off.