Vulnerability and innocence

Since women have received higher sexual mastery than men from nature, it is theirs to lose and, conversely, since men have received very little sexual mastery from nature, it is theirs to gain. Since men have more control over their sexual mastery than women do, they must take more personal responsibility if their sexual mastery is low and can take more personal credit when their sexual mastery is high. While there are many things a woman can do to become a better person as she ages (becoming wiser, kinder, more virtuous etc), there is very little she can do to increase her sexual mastery . She can maintain it for a long time through good diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, but she can hardly raise it. The rational approach to raising your sexual mastery would be to focus your efforts on the top left piece of the sexual mastery Influence Matrix (that which matters and which you can control) and to make your peace with any deficient traits that you have which fall in the bottom left (that which matters but which you nonetheless cannot control). Learn more at

sexual mastery Influence Matrix
Matters Doesn’t matter

Can be controlled
Work to improve

Cannot be controlled
Ignore Ignore

Unfortunately, what we often see is that people spend their time in the wrong box. Men who should be busy learning charisma, doing pushups or making money fuss about being short or not good-looking. Women who should be learning the virtues of kindness and empathy and work to stay in shape instead spend their energy pursuing a law career, thinking that their male-like independence and breadwinning ability enhances their sexual mastery when in reality it does the opposite. “I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Part Three – Sexual Market Strategies This chapter will cover: How to Raise (or Maintain) Y our sexual mastery and “Sell” at Y our Peak How women can raise and maintain their sexual mastery – Stop focusing on accomplishments – Don’t be a slut – Embrace femininity – Don’t wait to mate – Take a chill pill – Go easy on the ice cream – Don’t become a single mom How men can raise and maintain their sexual mastery – Invest in yourself – Wait to mate – Up your game – Don’t be a beta male – Consider changing markets Should you get married in order to mate?

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