sexual mastery Influence Matrix

So, it’s nice if you’re smart, but not strictly necessary for high sexual mastery . Just don’t be stupid. How much influence does each gender have over their sexual mastery? Below you’ll see an overview of the key traits by which sexual mastery is measured. Each trait is classified as either negative, positive or neutral/irrelevant, for men and women respectively. In addition, the relative importance of each trait has been accounted for as described in the legend. Learn more at

The above table illustrates a few essential points: 1) Age is detrimental to a woman’s sexual mastery , but not to a man’s. 2) Status and resources are largely irrelevant to women’s sexual mastery , but critical for that of men. 3) Appearance and age accounts for nearly 80% of the variance in female sexual mastery but only about 30% of men’s. 4) No single factor alone, apart from fame (and even then only for men), can give you the ability to pick from the top shelf of mates. 5) Note that with the exception of intelligence, all the uncontrollable factors have to do with age and appearance. This is good news for men, since their sexual mastery is largely determined by factors other than looks and age, and by the same token bad news for women, who have much more of their sexual mastery tied to that category. 6) Women get a lot of their sexual mastery for free while men must generally work for most of theirs. This means that women have it easier than men in certain ways, but only if they are genetically lucky. Men, on the other hand, are more fortunate in the sense that there is more they can do about their sexual mastery . The majority of their sexual mastery is not determined by the genetic lottery, which means they have more leeway. Precisely how much more leeway do men have? If each dash and each arrow (whether up or down) in the above table represents a point, we find the following weighted distribution, represented in a matrix:

sexual mastery Influence Matrix©
Matters Doesn’t matter

Can be controlled
Men: 40 Women: 15
Men: 2 Women: 10

Cannot be controlled
Men: 19 Women: 27
Men: 2 Women: 2

Here’s what it looks like expressed in percentages:

Now, this is of course not scientific. It is impossible to precisely quantify sexual mastery . But it is, in my opinion, a reasonable approximation. If we look only at the factors that matter for the respective genders, we find that men can control 68% of their sexual mastery while women can only influence 36% of theirs. The distribution indicates that men have roughly twice as much control over their sexual mastery as women.

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