Sexual Masculinity

Women make up the majority of welfare recipients, public sector employees and alimony beneficiaries, all of which are groups that absolutely rely on men (the police) to provide their income by collecting taxes. In countries with lower female participation in the workforce or in regions that are poorer and with less lavish welfare policies, lower public sector wages and fewer divorces, men’s looks are a far less prominent component of male sexual mastery . The influence appearance has on male sexual mastery will, therefore, vary between regions. What doesn’t vary, however, is what kind of male looks women find attractive. Women’s ratings of male appearance are remarkably consistent across regions, at least if we compare apples to apples. Now, of course, some readers may remark that, for instance, hardly any Western women think Chinese men are handsome, and that’s true. But the kicker is that neither do Chinese women when they compare them to Western men. Learn more at

Chinese men are generally shorter than European men and have relatively lower levels of testosterone, which makes them less physically attractive to women, regardless of where those women are from. But Chinese women still find Chinese men attractive because a) it’s a society that for the abovementioned reasons deem resources to be more important than looks and b) because the man’s looks are compared, not to foreigners, but to other Chinese men (refer to Effective sexual mastery). There are relative good looks and then there are absolute good looks, the relative score depending on milieu and the absolute score being global. A man who is, looks-wise, a five in absolute terms may be an eight in relative terms should he find himself in a region where the average male is not very good looking. The same is true for women. The sexual marketplace has sub-markets, which means that “goods” which could not compete in one sub-market still might in others. Women are generally, but far from always, attracted to male faces that indicate high levels of testosterone: a well-developed mandible bone (jaw line), a prominent brow, thicker facial hair etc. An important exception to this rule is that women generally don’t like male pattern baldness, despite its correlation to high testosterone levels. The type of male faces that women find attractive is, to some extent, dependent on timing. Women’s preferences change according to the different stages in her ovulatory cycles and according to the relative stability of the society in which she lives. Women show an increased preference for high-T men when they are ovulating (because her genes prompt her to mate with physically dominant men) but slightly lower T men when she is not ovulating (because they are more stable and predictable providers). If she lives in an area afflicted by some crisis or other, such as war, famine or natural disaster, the woman will gravitate toward high-T guys because, historically, during times of crisis it paid to mate with such men.

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