Raise a man’s sexual mastery

Although the level of testosterone a woman desires in her man’s face varies somewhat, higher testosterone generally beats low testosterone. There are many other factors that make for handsome male face but, as there is already extensive research on the topic, I won’t go into detail about that in this book. If you want to know more about which facial features in particular are favorable, consult the research. A handsome face will definitely raise a man’s sexual mastery , but that in itself will not catapult him to the top ranks of men. With the exception of losing fat (thereby reducing facial adipose tissue and exposing your features), there is not much you can do about your face. What you can control, however, is your physical fitness. Universally, well-developed muscles and a low fat percentage stir the loins of women. Learn more at http://tonganfishers.org/questions-about-sex-and-x4-labs/

While all women appreciate low body fat, the degree to which muscles are attractive varies. Individual women have different preferences, of course, and the ideal male body varies by the ethnicity of the woman observing him. Because of their very different physical build, a tall, curvy black woman prefers a male body type very different from a petite, skinny Japanese girl – naturally. Indeed, judging by male sex symbols as represented in the media, American women are drawn to far more masculine and muscular (High-T) men than their East Asian counterparts (more androgynous). Bodybuilding decidedly has a point of diminishing returns; while all women find some considerable amount of muscle attractive, only a minor subset of them have a thing for the extremely bulky gym rats, and most find it downright repulsive. Presumably, this has to do with the lack of evolutionary advantages to excessive muscularity, as that would have come at the expense of speed and agility. It also just looks like you’re trying too hard, causing people to wonder which shortcomings you are compensating for. Then, of course, there’s height. A growing body of research suggests that tall men make more money, are viewed as more masculine and competent and have, on average, more physically attractive female partners. Invariably, both men and women prefer, if given the choice, to be in relationships where the man is taller. For what evolutionary reason could women have developed a preference for tall men? For one, height, in our ancestral past, was indicative of health. Children who are malnourished do not reach their full potential height, and shorter people are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease [10] . Height is also positively related to total body mass, which means that taller men in the past will have had a strength advantage over their peers so, ceteris paribus, the taller the man the more physically dominant. Plausible evolutionary explanations for women’s preference for height abound, but the jury is still out as to what is the precise cause. Just like with musculature, there is no ideal male height because it hinges on the physical build of the woman. Women in general appear to be open to a wide range of male heights, but in all regions, without exception, women prefer men who are taller than themselves. Statistics from eHarmony, a popular dating website, show that American women, on average, prefer men between 6’1’’ and 6’4’’. In a country such as Japan, however, where average female height is 5’2’’, a 6’4’’ man would be too tall for most women.

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