Difference between sexual attraction and love

Attraction, you see, is not a choice. It cannot be negotiated (try convincing a woman of all the good reasons why she should sleep with you), nor will it bend to contemporary social conventions or political correctness (old men are still turned on by young women, no matter how many times they are called pigs). What’s more, sexual attraction is amoral. We are not necessarily sexually attracted to the most virtuous people, which, incidentally, is a crucial difference between sexual attraction and love. A good illustration of the amorality of sexual attraction is the degree to which bad men are rewarded with sex. I often hear it said that “if only women ruled the world, it would be a harmonious and peaceful place”. The fact of the matter, however, is that women already do rule the world. They control the world through the vagina and who they allow access to it. We could end 99% of violence, crime and evil in the world tomorrow if women would simply refuse to have sex with vicious men. Do you think any man would rob a bank, steal a car, or join a criminal gang if he knew he would never have sex again? But the truth is that vicious men get laid. A lot. In fact, bad guys get laid a lot more than good guys. Learn more at http://ownilive.com/though-id-always-studied-intimacy/

Confessed serial killers receive hundreds of letters from women wanting to see them for conjugal visits in prison and genocidal dictators are up to their neck in willing beauties. This happens because women’s sexual imperative is to a) mate with the highest status, most powerful, most dominant man they can find and b) to ensure commitment from a man who can provide for the offspring. The feminine imperative (which is genetically encoded into every woman’s DNA) does not care if you are good, it cares only that you have healthy genes and will ensure the survival of the progeny. For purposes of sexual attraction, women don’t care if men are virtuous; they care that they are powerful. And that’s the way it has to be, that’s the way women evolved. If our female ancestors had preferred weak nice-guys to strong bad-guys, we would not be here today. So, while being a good (virtuous) person makes you worthy of love, it does not impact your sexual mastery and many people who are the opposite of good have very high sexual mastery . Women will follow an immoral alpha male, even when they know he is not good, simply because he has a much better chance of meeting her reproductive requirements. Blaming women for this would be pointless because they cannot choose who they are attracted to and in most cases they are not even consciously aware of the underlying mechanisms that drive their attraction. It is therefore up to men to change society for the better. Good men must be strong, stronger than wicked men, for virtue to prevail over vice. Sexual attraction is for the most part determined by what, in our ancestral past, women needed from men and what men needed from women in order to create descendants that survived to reproductive age. This is what forms the basis of attraction to this day. Men needed, first and foremost, fertile eggs, while women needed men’s ability to provide resources while they were out of commission due to serial pregnancies. The genes of women who were not troubled by their man having no resources are no longer around because such women had less of a chance of seeing their offspring reach reproductive age. The same goes for men who preferred sex with grannies. Men may feel guilty for finding a fully developed 16-year old girl attractive and women may discover to their consternation that they are indeed shamefully attracted to the rich guy simply because he is rich. But this shame and guilt is futile because your genes, in a sense, have a will of their own.

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