Comparatively higher sexual mastery

The less you are willing to accept in exchange for your product (yourself) the less you perceive your product to be worth. A man who knows he is high value will be reluctant to commit to a woman and will settle only when he feels he gets a woman whose sexual mastery is commensurate with his own. A woman, similarly, who knows she is high value will be reluctant to give away the goods to any man who she perceives to have a lower sexual mastery than she does. Women instinctively understand that a man who is willing to commit early on thinks of himself as low value, but many women forget that men instinctively understand that women who give up their vaginas quickly are cheap. As mentioned in the beginning, sexual market value is, like the value of all goods and services, determined by supply and demand. A very attractive woman has no shortage of supply in male suitors. From a young age, she will be tempted by the prospect of sex with attractive guys. The patriarchal societies of the past understood this dynamic very well and put in place social reinforcement mechanisms to prevent young women from frittering away their most valuable asset. Today, however, few really hot women are able to withstand this pull and as a result, most super attractive women have welcomed into their chambers of warmth and humidity a considerable number of phalli before age 25. This, in turn, means that the number of veritably hot women who are relatively chaste is low today, leaving the ones who are with a comparatively higher sexual mastery . Men in the developed world are somewhat put off by the thought of sex with a virgin and would prefer a girl who has had between one and three steady boyfriends in the past, while other cultures put a great premium on virginity. All men, however, understand implicitly that sluts are not good long- term prospects. As the old adage goes: You can’t turn a ho into a housewife. The presence or absence of chastity in a woman, therefore, can greatly impact sexual mastery . Women understand this, which is why they routinely downplay the number of sexual partners they’ve had. Learn more at

Some Intelligence

I hope you noticed that this factor is last on the list of characteristics that raise female sexual mastery . Your level of intelligence is not wholly irrelevant to your value as a mate; after all, men want their children to be intelligent so as to improve the chances of perpetuating their genes. But since a man can’t have children with a barren yet intelligent woman, fertility and, by extension, looks are far more important for a woman than smarts are. Stone Age women didn’t need to be very smart to get pregnant and give birth, and they actually didn’t even need that much intelligence to care for the children because most of what mothers needed to do for their children to ensure their survival (give birth, feed, love, protect) are behaviors women exhibit instinctively. That is to say, a woman does not need the cognitive capacity of the forebrain to do what’s necessary, but can rely on the instincts of her hindbrain. Women don’t need to learn how to care for and protect their child; they just do it by default. Most women also prefer men of greater cognitive abilities than themselves (thanks in part to hypergamy), so if you have a very high IQ, the number of men you’d consider dating is drastically reduced, thus lowering your relative sexual mastery . The reason intelligence is not completely irrelevant for women’s sexual mastery is two-fold. First, men of high value enjoy the company of bright women and are embarrassed to bring complete nincompoops out to social events. Second, in our ancestral past, situations occasionally arose where a woman’s quick wit saved the lives of her children. For long term monogamy, of course, a woman’s intelligence is important, at least to high sexual mastery men (who usually have high IQs), as it prevents the boredom, frustration and conflict that could arise from sharing tens of thousands of meals with a simpleton.

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