Beauty is a kind of power

Sweet disposition Power corrupts. Beauty is a kind of power. Ergo, beauty corrupts. This is one reason, but far from the only one, why the most beautiful women are often the bitchiest. Singularly hot women are used to getting everything for free (friends, admirers, lunches, drinks, gifts) from a young age and thus frequently neglect to develop the redeeming characteristics and virtues which more homely girls are forced to cultivate. It is a pity the ugly girls are not rewarded more in terms of sexual mastery for this effort. But there is some cosmic justice after all: Hot bitches, if they do not secure commitment in their youth, are thoroughly punished for their disagreeable personalities later in life when their luster has faded. These are the bitterest of women. If you are so lucky as to be attractive, you should be sure not to neglect the refinement of your character, as it can raise your sexual mastery by 1-2 points above girls of comparable appearance. Men are drawn to low-conflict mates. Whereas men are quite comfortable having conflicts with other males, they prefer low-conflict women. Empathy, warmth and kindness are inherently attractive to men because such traits were evolutionarily advantageous to the survival of his progeny. A mean, sociopathic bitch without mirror neurons could scarcely be relied upon to provide sufficient breast milk, comfort and shelter to her children. Women with the nurturing, selfless instincts of motherhood, on the other hand, would sacrifice themselves to the saber tooth tiger to save their spawn. Learn more at

Chastity Women are the arbiters of sex while men, on their part, are the arbiters of commitment. Sex happens on the woman’s premises, commitment on the man’s, because men have very little to lose from freely engaging in sex and women have very little to lose from freely entering into commitment. Men traditionally risked very little when having sex, women risked pregnancy. Women risked very little by committing, men risked hitching their genetic wagon to too few wombs. It’s usually easier for women to have sex, because most men are willing to engage in it if the woman is attractive. Similarly, it is easier for a man to have commitment, because most women eagerly commit to a high sexual mastery man. Nine out of ten single men would sleep with an attractive woman if she requested it. And nine out of ten women would marry an attractive man if he consented to it. Sex and commitment, then, are the primary bargaining chips of the two genders. Both genders attempt to coax one from the other. Men dangle the hope of commitment in front of a woman in order to get sex and women dangle the hope of sex in front of the man to get his commitment. Men who assent quickly to commitment, and women who give up their vaginas easily, lower their sexual mastery . A used car salesman who wishes to persuade you to buy a lemon will hand over the keys in exchange for very little money because he knows it’s a low value product.

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