Women’s greater appreciation of humor, then, appears to not be acquired, but rather innate, indicating that women who valued drollery have had a reproductive advantage over the course of human evolution and that their genes have thus been selected for. Since women prefer funny guys and men prefer women who laugh at their jokes, we would expect that men who could regularly evoke laughter in women to have had a biological leg up on men who weren’t witty and for women who laughed easily to have an edge over their more sulky sisters. The funny man/easily amused woman gene set would then have been selected for, making men, taken as a whole, more comically creative than women. It turns out, that is exactly what happened. Learn more at http://alphaonecommunications.org/2017/01/31/vigrx-plus-system/

Men are funnier than women. In a 2011 National Post article entitled “Women, the Unfunny Sex”, the late Christopher Hitchens made the astute (and inflammatory) observation that while there are, of course, a considerable number of veritably droll women, their numbers are dwarfed by the corresponding number of funny men. By way of explanation for this phenomenon, he cited a Stanford University School of Medicine experiment that showed women found punchlines less predictable than men, rendering them less capable of constructing surprising ones themselves. Take a second to rack your brain for the names of famous comedians. Chances are, most of them are men. And it’s not like some nebulous patriarchy or glass ceiling is holding down female comedians (the audience doesn’t care whether it is a man or a woman who delivers side-splitting lines), so there is no good cultural reason there would be fewer of them, leaving us with the biological explanation. While the scientific basis for such an explanation is limited, the notion that women have not evolved to be as funny as men is not implausible. Who would gain a greater reproductive advantage from wittiness, men or women? Being funny is one of the most potent weapons in a man’s arsenal of seduction, but to women it is largely inconsequential. Women regularly cite a man’s ability to crack her up as a chief factor in their attraction for him, but how many times have you heard a man, when describing her to his friends, emphasize his new girlfriend’s great sense of humor?

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