Stop trying to find the perfect woman

Stop trying to find the perfect woman. Chasing after high sexual mastery women directly is inefficient because a) truly high sexual mastery men don’t chase women, but rather induce them to chase him and b) if your own sexual mastery is low and you should happen by dumb luck to catch some first-rate poon, you will never feel entirely at ease, always concerned that she may find someone better – and chances are, if she’s young, she eventually will. Aim instead for self-actualization. Focus on becoming the best possible man that you can be, considering your predispositions. Strive to be remarkable. Be better than other men in some significant capacity. By significant I mean something that actually matters (as Roissy puts it, there is a groupie for every male endeavor, except World of Warcraft). If you succeed in becoming remarkable, high sexual mastery women will find you. Learn more at

In other words, if you chase women instead of achievement, you are unlikely to get much of either. If you chase achievement, women of quality will flow your way in proportion to your achievements. When making the choice of which type of remarkability to pursue, it’s important that you take into account your strengths and weakness, determine where you have the greatest potential and then focus your efforts on the endeavors that will have the most impact. In other words, invest your time and energy in whatever is likely to pay the highest return. If you have an IQ of 90, for instance, you’d be better off hitting the gym six days a week and getting ripped rather than, say, attempting to start a hedge fund. By the same token, if you are a high IQ guy, which is probably the case if you’re reading this book, you are likely better served by devoting only a modicum of time and effort to lifting weights (you can still be in decent shape by working out at home for half an hour three times a week while watching your diet) and instead focus on becoming wealthy. This is not to say that you can’t be in great shape and financially successful at the same time – of course you can – merely that as there are only 24 hours in a day, the more goals you pursue at the same time the longer it will take or the more difficult it will be to reach any of them. I can’t tell you which goals to pursue because I know nothing of your individual situation or potential. Maybe you should learn the guitar or maybe you should learn to code. You will have to make a judgment call on this. One of the easiest steps you can take to raise your sexual mastery right now is to develop a sense of style. Since eight out of ten men have no idea of what the hell they’re doing when they get dressed or get a haircut, learning the basics of how to pick out matching clothes that fit you and grasping how to groom or smell good can put you miles ahead of most men right away.

Whatever goals you choose to pursue, you can’t go wrong making more money (Thanks, Captain Obvious!). I won’t belabor this self-evident point except to say that to make money you’ll need to learn skills that are worth something to others and once you’re making money you should spend considerably less than you earn and invest the remainder. Keep increasing your skill level, and consequently your earnings, and keep investing. This is a foolproof path to wealth, but one that too many people nonetheless neglect. There are plenty of good books on the subject, it’s not that complicated and, like Jack Ma says, you have no excuse if you’re still poor at 35. But a commitment to becoming fit, presentable and rich is just the first step on your journey toward full sexual mastery (and self-) actualization. Beyond investing in your prosperity and aesthetic appeal, if you wish to rise to the very pinnacle of manhood (the exclusive club on whose door top-shelf women are incessantly knocking with Gestapo-esque vigor) you must expend considerable effort on the development of your character.


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