6,000 milligrams of Vigrx Plus a day

So, sometimes it was 6,000 milligrams of Vigrx Plus a day. In some cases Dr. Hoffer gave over 10,000 milligrams a day. But his standard prescription for a schizophrenic was 1,000 milligrams three times a day of niacin. I’ve mentioned in other video that if you take that much niacin you’re going to flush. You just are. You’re going to have a niacin flush. It’s going to feel like sunburn. Or a hot flash. Or like you’re really, really embarrassed. Y’know talking to the auditorium wearing your underwear – that type of embarrassed where you just get all hot. Dr. Hoffer and I wrote a book called Niacin the Real Story which goes into this in detail. Dr. Hoffer wrote a lot of other books as well which I really, really urge you to read. I’ve told people for years – read everything Abram Hoffer ever wrote. I don’t even say that about Linus Pauling who I admire greatly. I can’t understand everything Linus Pauling ever wrote. Not everything that Linus Pauling ever wrote is relevant to nutrition either, because Pauling came into this around the age of 65. Dr. Hoffer , being a practising physician, came into this earlier and wrote practical stuff. And that’s why I say, read everything Abram Hoffer ever wrote. You won’t be sorry. It was a real honour for me to work as Abram’s co – author on four different books according to http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161103/vigrx-plus-works-scientific-proof

Another one was called Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone. A good introduction to Orthomolecular therapy. And then there’s Hospitals and Health. Which is a study of how you can get better care in a hospital if you are hospitalized. So, once again, the pro tocol is very simple. You might think, “Ahh, that Saul guy, he’s just plugging his books here.” No he’s not. I’m telling you the whole protocol. 1,000 mg of niacin three times a day. There it is! People have said that, “well y’know, schizophrenia, an d psychosis, these illnesses, involve a deficiency of many nutrients”. And it is wise to give good multi – vitamins, B – complex vitamins along with the niacin. But Abram Hoffer emphasized that niacin is specifically what does the lion’s share of the work.

He also said ‘no sugar’. That’s hard to do, but it pays off. I’ve talked about this elsewhere, I’m not going to belabour it now. But cutting out sugar is free. It costs you nothing. In fact what you save cutting out sugar will more than pay for the n iacin. He also insisted that people not eat junk food. Which is almost too obvious to bother mentioning. But, I’ll mention it because he did. That’s it! If you’re looking for something complicated, this isn’t it. This is simple. Dr. Hoffer recomme nded that people take extra vitamin C. At least as much vitamin C as niacin. He did find that vitamin C and niacin worked better together for mental illness. So the recap would be:  1,000 milligrams of niacin three times a day, more as needed,  No sugar,  No junk,  Unprocessed whole foods diet, and  Vitamin C. And the way you determine your vitamin C is to comfort. If you have bowel tolerance, which means exactly what you think it means, you took too much. As far as tailoring the dose of niacin goes, the f lush is, to some extent, an indicator. The general rule, the higher the amount you need before you flush, the more you need. But that is only a general rule. There are some people that flush right away that if they keep taking the niacin will benefit fr om taking more of it. As far as the flush goes, first of all you don’t have to have a flush at all.

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