Women’s greater appreciation of humor, then, appears to not be acquired, but rather innate, indicating that women who valued drollery have had a reproductive advantage over the course of human evolution and that their genes have thus been selected for. Since women prefer funny guys and men prefer women who laugh at their jokes, we would expect that men who could regularly evoke laughter in women to have had a biological leg up on men who weren’t witty and for women who laughed easily to have an edge over their more sulky sisters. The funny man/easily amused woman gene set would then have been selected for, making men, taken as a whole, more comically creative than women. It turns out, that is exactly what happened. Learn more at http://alphaonecommunications.org/2017/01/31/vigrx-plus-system/

Men are funnier than women. In a 2011 National Post article entitled “Women, the Unfunny Sex”, the late Christopher Hitchens made the astute (and inflammatory) observation that while there are, of course, a considerable number of veritably droll women, their numbers are dwarfed by the corresponding number of funny men. By way of explanation for this phenomenon, he cited a Stanford University School of Medicine experiment that showed women found punchlines less predictable than men, rendering them less capable of constructing surprising ones themselves. Take a second to rack your brain for the names of famous comedians. Chances are, most of them are men. And it’s not like some nebulous patriarchy or glass ceiling is holding down female comedians (the audience doesn’t care whether it is a man or a woman who delivers side-splitting lines), so there is no good cultural reason there would be fewer of them, leaving us with the biological explanation. While the scientific basis for such an explanation is limited, the notion that women have not evolved to be as funny as men is not implausible. Who would gain a greater reproductive advantage from wittiness, men or women? Being funny is one of the most potent weapons in a man’s arsenal of seduction, but to women it is largely inconsequential. Women regularly cite a man’s ability to crack her up as a chief factor in their attraction for him, but how many times have you heard a man, when describing her to his friends, emphasize his new girlfriend’s great sense of humor?

How to Raise (or Maintain) Your sexual mastery and “Sell” at Your Peak

The earth is 4.5 billion years old. Sometime during the first billion years of the planet’s existence, life erupted. From what started out as single cell organisms, life evolved over time at an excruciatingly slow pace, copying itself over and over again, only changing gradually over millions of generations because of accidental genetic mutations that turned out to be advantageous in the fight for survival. This iterative process created ever more complex forms of life. And yet, for the first four billion years, we did not even have plants. Some 230 million years ago dinosaurs started to appear. They ruled the earth for 135 million years until a cataclysmic event wiped out virtually all of them, leaving almost no life but that of birds, bacteria and insects. This changed the course of evolution, paving the way for other creatures, such as mammals. Some mammalian species started to develop relatively large brains, prefrontal cortices, opposable thumbs and the ability to walk upright, all of which gave them a distinct advantage over its contemporaries in the struggle for limited resources. Then, a few hundred thousand years ago (the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things), we started to see the emergence of Homo sapiens. Early man existed in a state of nature, dwelled in caves and could reasonably expect to be mutilated by wild animals if isolated from his tribe. His life was, in the words of Thomas Hobbes, “poor, nasty, brutish and short”. Our prehistoric ancestors eventually wandered out of Africa, invented agriculture and embarked on civilization.

They went on to populate the whole earth, from the scorching desert to the freezing tundra. Along the way, the overwhelming majority died of hunger, plague, violence, natural disasters or infections from a cut in their little toe. But a few survived, and the descendants of these survivors in time went on to discover penicillin, which saved the lives of millions of people every year. Then, of course, came the Second World War followed by the spread of Communism, which combined took almost 200 million lives. Once again, human evolution had been dealt a major blow. Eventually, however, the situation cooled down, at least in the Western world, and human life flourished. Finally, one night a few decades ago, your mom and dad met at a party. Maybe it was the twinkle in your dad’s eye, or maybe it was the gin he poured in your mom’s grape juice while she wasn’t looking. We may never know exactly, but what resulted, anyway, was you. You are the result of an inconceivably long series of highly improbable events. All human life exists because of sexual reproduction. The final aim of this book is to give you the tools to optimize your reproductive outcome, because that is what your sexual mastery (and sex itself) is for, after all. This last section deals with the practical steps you can take to be as successful as possible when it comes to procreation, which is to say, to mate with the highest quality partner you can. But, you protest, you don’t want children? No problem. If you’re OK with 4.5 billion years of evolution ending with you.

As discussed in previous chapters, sexual mastery is gained or lost through a variety of mechanisms, some of which are active while others are passive. Since what makes a woman attractive is not the same as what makes a man attractive, the best strategies for raising and maintaining sexual mastery differ markedly between the sexes. Learn more at http://www.sumpter.org/professional-business-services/fantasize-using-the-x4-labs-extender/ Notably, men will need to do a lot more raising while women will be maintaining sexual mastery . This is because women start out with relatively high sexual mastery and must take care not to squander it, while men start out with very little and must struggle to attain it. One gender needs to play defense and the other offense. The below set of principles can be read as a series of “Dos and Don’ts”. The recommendations for women will, therefore, more often fall in the “Don’ts” column, while for men the opposite is true.

Vulnerability and innocence

Since women have received higher sexual mastery than men from nature, it is theirs to lose and, conversely, since men have received very little sexual mastery from nature, it is theirs to gain. Since men have more control over their sexual mastery than women do, they must take more personal responsibility if their sexual mastery is low and can take more personal credit when their sexual mastery is high. While there are many things a woman can do to become a better person as she ages (becoming wiser, kinder, more virtuous etc), there is very little she can do to increase her sexual mastery . She can maintain it for a long time through good diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, but she can hardly raise it. The rational approach to raising your sexual mastery would be to focus your efforts on the top left piece of the sexual mastery Influence Matrix (that which matters and which you can control) and to make your peace with any deficient traits that you have which fall in the bottom left (that which matters but which you nonetheless cannot control). Learn more at http://acmhc.info/vigrx-plus-acid/

sexual mastery Influence Matrix
Matters Doesn’t matter

Can be controlled
Work to improve

Cannot be controlled
Ignore Ignore

Unfortunately, what we often see is that people spend their time in the wrong box. Men who should be busy learning charisma, doing pushups or making money fuss about being short or not good-looking. Women who should be learning the virtues of kindness and empathy and work to stay in shape instead spend their energy pursuing a law career, thinking that their male-like independence and breadwinning ability enhances their sexual mastery when in reality it does the opposite. “I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Part Three – Sexual Market Strategies This chapter will cover: How to Raise (or Maintain) Y our sexual mastery and “Sell” at Y our Peak How women can raise and maintain their sexual mastery – Stop focusing on accomplishments – Don’t be a slut – Embrace femininity – Don’t wait to mate – Take a chill pill – Go easy on the ice cream – Don’t become a single mom How men can raise and maintain their sexual mastery – Invest in yourself – Wait to mate – Up your game – Don’t be a beta male – Consider changing markets Should you get married in order to mate?

Raise a man’s sexual mastery

Although the level of testosterone a woman desires in her man’s face varies somewhat, higher testosterone generally beats low testosterone. There are many other factors that make for handsome male face but, as there is already extensive research on the topic, I won’t go into detail about that in this book. If you want to know more about which facial features in particular are favorable, consult the research. A handsome face will definitely raise a man’s sexual mastery , but that in itself will not catapult him to the top ranks of men. With the exception of losing fat (thereby reducing facial adipose tissue and exposing your features), there is not much you can do about your face. What you can control, however, is your physical fitness. Universally, well-developed muscles and a low fat percentage stir the loins of women. Learn more at http://tonganfishers.org/questions-about-sex-and-x4-labs/

While all women appreciate low body fat, the degree to which muscles are attractive varies. Individual women have different preferences, of course, and the ideal male body varies by the ethnicity of the woman observing him. Because of their very different physical build, a tall, curvy black woman prefers a male body type very different from a petite, skinny Japanese girl – naturally. Indeed, judging by male sex symbols as represented in the media, American women are drawn to far more masculine and muscular (High-T) men than their East Asian counterparts (more androgynous). Bodybuilding decidedly has a point of diminishing returns; while all women find some considerable amount of muscle attractive, only a minor subset of them have a thing for the extremely bulky gym rats, and most find it downright repulsive. Presumably, this has to do with the lack of evolutionary advantages to excessive muscularity, as that would have come at the expense of speed and agility. It also just looks like you’re trying too hard, causing people to wonder which shortcomings you are compensating for. Then, of course, there’s height. A growing body of research suggests that tall men make more money, are viewed as more masculine and competent and have, on average, more physically attractive female partners. Invariably, both men and women prefer, if given the choice, to be in relationships where the man is taller. For what evolutionary reason could women have developed a preference for tall men? For one, height, in our ancestral past, was indicative of health. Children who are malnourished do not reach their full potential height, and shorter people are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease [10] . Height is also positively related to total body mass, which means that taller men in the past will have had a strength advantage over their peers so, ceteris paribus, the taller the man the more physically dominant. Plausible evolutionary explanations for women’s preference for height abound, but the jury is still out as to what is the precise cause. Just like with musculature, there is no ideal male height because it hinges on the physical build of the woman. Women in general appear to be open to a wide range of male heights, but in all regions, without exception, women prefer men who are taller than themselves. Statistics from eHarmony, a popular dating website, show that American women, on average, prefer men between 6’1’’ and 6’4’’. In a country such as Japan, however, where average female height is 5’2’’, a 6’4’’ man would be too tall for most women.

Sexual Masculinity

Women make up the majority of welfare recipients, public sector employees and alimony beneficiaries, all of which are groups that absolutely rely on men (the police) to provide their income by collecting taxes. In countries with lower female participation in the workforce or in regions that are poorer and with less lavish welfare policies, lower public sector wages and fewer divorces, men’s looks are a far less prominent component of male sexual mastery . The influence appearance has on male sexual mastery will, therefore, vary between regions. What doesn’t vary, however, is what kind of male looks women find attractive. Women’s ratings of male appearance are remarkably consistent across regions, at least if we compare apples to apples. Now, of course, some readers may remark that, for instance, hardly any Western women think Chinese men are handsome, and that’s true. But the kicker is that neither do Chinese women when they compare them to Western men. Learn more at http://www.icalor.fr/vigrx-plus-helps-to-get-rid-of-cravings/

Chinese men are generally shorter than European men and have relatively lower levels of testosterone, which makes them less physically attractive to women, regardless of where those women are from. But Chinese women still find Chinese men attractive because a) it’s a society that for the abovementioned reasons deem resources to be more important than looks and b) because the man’s looks are compared, not to foreigners, but to other Chinese men (refer to Effective sexual mastery). There are relative good looks and then there are absolute good looks, the relative score depending on milieu and the absolute score being global. A man who is, looks-wise, a five in absolute terms may be an eight in relative terms should he find himself in a region where the average male is not very good looking. The same is true for women. The sexual marketplace has sub-markets, which means that “goods” which could not compete in one sub-market still might in others. Women are generally, but far from always, attracted to male faces that indicate high levels of testosterone: a well-developed mandible bone (jaw line), a prominent brow, thicker facial hair etc. An important exception to this rule is that women generally don’t like male pattern baldness, despite its correlation to high testosterone levels. The type of male faces that women find attractive is, to some extent, dependent on timing. Women’s preferences change according to the different stages in her ovulatory cycles and according to the relative stability of the society in which she lives. Women show an increased preference for high-T men when they are ovulating (because her genes prompt her to mate with physically dominant men) but slightly lower T men when she is not ovulating (because they are more stable and predictable providers). If she lives in an area afflicted by some crisis or other, such as war, famine or natural disaster, the woman will gravitate toward high-T guys because, historically, during times of crisis it paid to mate with such men.

Attraction is not a choice

Attraction is not a choice.  Sex, at its root, is about making babies. Although we are now able to engage in it recreationally, intercourse, and the desire to have it, exists only because it is the way our species reproduces itself. Even if you don’t want to have any children, you are sexually attracted to the features in the opposite sex that were historically conducive to reproduction. Wide hips, plump boobs and youth indicate a female’s ability to give birth to and raise healthy children and that is why men think she’s hot. Likewise, well-developed muscles (high testosterone levels signal healthy sperm) and Maseratis (excess resources) indicate a male’s ability to impregnate a female and provide for his offspring, which is why women swoon for men with these assets. Because the foundations of the sexual preferences we have today were laid in our ancestral past, any discussion of the determinants of sexual mastery inevitably leads to a whole host of evolutionary explanations. While genetic development is not the only element that explains sexual mastery – culture, current social conditions and individual (childhood) experiences also shape our preferences – evolution is by far the greatest single determining factor of what turns us on. Learn more at http://www.malutpost.com/internet/vigrx-plus-is-the-most-popular-supplement-we-know-of/

This book goes into the biological underpinnings of attraction. The human species, #depending on how narrowly you define that term, has been around for at least 200,000 years and has existed in more primitive forms for more than two million years. Modern civilization has only existed for a small part of that. Throughout the annals of humanity, with the exception of the last handful of generations, hunger, disease, violence and war was the norm. In our harsh ancestral environment, men and women developed certain sexual preferences in order to best ensure their own survival and the continuation of their genetic heritage. It was in women’s best interest to a) reproduce with the man who had the best possible genes and b) with a man who had the best capacity for resource provisioning. Men’s genetic interests were best served by mating with the most fertile women, and as many of them as possible. Our genes largely determine sexual attraction, and as such we wield very little control over who we are attracted to. While we may cognitively believe someone is nominally “right for us”, we may nonetheless find ourselves utterly devoid of attraction for them. Our abstract moral principles hardly influence sexual attraction because our genes have a will of their own. The genes that determined what characteristics we are attracted to did not develop during a time of abundant resources, contraceptives, DNA tests or the welfare state. A woman in the West who today has children with, say, an accountant who is physically weak, boring, ugly, and timid, need not be worried that her offspring will not survive to reach reproductive age (it almost certainly will). Yet very few women feel sexually drawn to a man of that description because, in our evolutionary past, having children with such a man would be risking gene death.

Difference between sexual attraction and love

Attraction, you see, is not a choice. It cannot be negotiated (try convincing a woman of all the good reasons why she should sleep with you), nor will it bend to contemporary social conventions or political correctness (old men are still turned on by young women, no matter how many times they are called pigs). What’s more, sexual attraction is amoral. We are not necessarily sexually attracted to the most virtuous people, which, incidentally, is a crucial difference between sexual attraction and love. A good illustration of the amorality of sexual attraction is the degree to which bad men are rewarded with sex. I often hear it said that “if only women ruled the world, it would be a harmonious and peaceful place”. The fact of the matter, however, is that women already do rule the world. They control the world through the vagina and who they allow access to it. We could end 99% of violence, crime and evil in the world tomorrow if women would simply refuse to have sex with vicious men. Do you think any man would rob a bank, steal a car, or join a criminal gang if he knew he would never have sex again? But the truth is that vicious men get laid. A lot. In fact, bad guys get laid a lot more than good guys. Learn more at http://ownilive.com/though-id-always-studied-intimacy/

Confessed serial killers receive hundreds of letters from women wanting to see them for conjugal visits in prison and genocidal dictators are up to their neck in willing beauties. This happens because women’s sexual imperative is to a) mate with the highest status, most powerful, most dominant man they can find and b) to ensure commitment from a man who can provide for the offspring. The feminine imperative (which is genetically encoded into every woman’s DNA) does not care if you are good, it cares only that you have healthy genes and will ensure the survival of the progeny. For purposes of sexual attraction, women don’t care if men are virtuous; they care that they are powerful. And that’s the way it has to be, that’s the way women evolved. If our female ancestors had preferred weak nice-guys to strong bad-guys, we would not be here today. So, while being a good (virtuous) person makes you worthy of love, it does not impact your sexual mastery and many people who are the opposite of good have very high sexual mastery . Women will follow an immoral alpha male, even when they know he is not good, simply because he has a much better chance of meeting her reproductive requirements. Blaming women for this would be pointless because they cannot choose who they are attracted to and in most cases they are not even consciously aware of the underlying mechanisms that drive their attraction. It is therefore up to men to change society for the better. Good men must be strong, stronger than wicked men, for virtue to prevail over vice. Sexual attraction is for the most part determined by what, in our ancestral past, women needed from men and what men needed from women in order to create descendants that survived to reproductive age. This is what forms the basis of attraction to this day. Men needed, first and foremost, fertile eggs, while women needed men’s ability to provide resources while they were out of commission due to serial pregnancies. The genes of women who were not troubled by their man having no resources are no longer around because such women had less of a chance of seeing their offspring reach reproductive age. The same goes for men who preferred sex with grannies. Men may feel guilty for finding a fully developed 16-year old girl attractive and women may discover to their consternation that they are indeed shamefully attracted to the rich guy simply because he is rich. But this shame and guilt is futile because your genes, in a sense, have a will of their own.

sexual mastery Influence Matrix

So, it’s nice if you’re smart, but not strictly necessary for high sexual mastery . Just don’t be stupid. How much influence does each gender have over their sexual mastery? Below you’ll see an overview of the key traits by which sexual mastery is measured. Each trait is classified as either negative, positive or neutral/irrelevant, for men and women respectively. In addition, the relative importance of each trait has been accounted for as described in the legend. Learn more at http://www.amf-permis.fr/supplements-like-semenax-and-x4-labs/

The above table illustrates a few essential points: 1) Age is detrimental to a woman’s sexual mastery , but not to a man’s. 2) Status and resources are largely irrelevant to women’s sexual mastery , but critical for that of men. 3) Appearance and age accounts for nearly 80% of the variance in female sexual mastery but only about 30% of men’s. 4) No single factor alone, apart from fame (and even then only for men), can give you the ability to pick from the top shelf of mates. 5) Note that with the exception of intelligence, all the uncontrollable factors have to do with age and appearance. This is good news for men, since their sexual mastery is largely determined by factors other than looks and age, and by the same token bad news for women, who have much more of their sexual mastery tied to that category. 6) Women get a lot of their sexual mastery for free while men must generally work for most of theirs. This means that women have it easier than men in certain ways, but only if they are genetically lucky. Men, on the other hand, are more fortunate in the sense that there is more they can do about their sexual mastery . The majority of their sexual mastery is not determined by the genetic lottery, which means they have more leeway. Precisely how much more leeway do men have? If each dash and each arrow (whether up or down) in the above table represents a point, we find the following weighted distribution, represented in a matrix:

sexual mastery Influence Matrix©
Matters Doesn’t matter

Can be controlled
Men: 40 Women: 15
Men: 2 Women: 10

Cannot be controlled
Men: 19 Women: 27
Men: 2 Women: 2

Here’s what it looks like expressed in percentages:

Now, this is of course not scientific. It is impossible to precisely quantify sexual mastery . But it is, in my opinion, a reasonable approximation. If we look only at the factors that matter for the respective genders, we find that men can control 68% of their sexual mastery while women can only influence 36% of theirs. The distribution indicates that men have roughly twice as much control over their sexual mastery as women.

Comparatively higher sexual mastery

The less you are willing to accept in exchange for your product (yourself) the less you perceive your product to be worth. A man who knows he is high value will be reluctant to commit to a woman and will settle only when he feels he gets a woman whose sexual mastery is commensurate with his own. A woman, similarly, who knows she is high value will be reluctant to give away the goods to any man who she perceives to have a lower sexual mastery than she does. Women instinctively understand that a man who is willing to commit early on thinks of himself as low value, but many women forget that men instinctively understand that women who give up their vaginas quickly are cheap. As mentioned in the beginning, sexual market value is, like the value of all goods and services, determined by supply and demand. A very attractive woman has no shortage of supply in male suitors. From a young age, she will be tempted by the prospect of sex with attractive guys. The patriarchal societies of the past understood this dynamic very well and put in place social reinforcement mechanisms to prevent young women from frittering away their most valuable asset. Today, however, few really hot women are able to withstand this pull and as a result, most super attractive women have welcomed into their chambers of warmth and humidity a considerable number of phalli before age 25. This, in turn, means that the number of veritably hot women who are relatively chaste is low today, leaving the ones who are with a comparatively higher sexual mastery . Men in the developed world are somewhat put off by the thought of sex with a virgin and would prefer a girl who has had between one and three steady boyfriends in the past, while other cultures put a great premium on virginity. All men, however, understand implicitly that sluts are not good long- term prospects. As the old adage goes: You can’t turn a ho into a housewife. The presence or absence of chastity in a woman, therefore, can greatly impact sexual mastery . Women understand this, which is why they routinely downplay the number of sexual partners they’ve had. Learn more at http://bellisimahandbags.com/intimacy-and-x4-labs-fantasy/

Some Intelligence

I hope you noticed that this factor is last on the list of characteristics that raise female sexual mastery . Your level of intelligence is not wholly irrelevant to your value as a mate; after all, men want their children to be intelligent so as to improve the chances of perpetuating their genes. But since a man can’t have children with a barren yet intelligent woman, fertility and, by extension, looks are far more important for a woman than smarts are. Stone Age women didn’t need to be very smart to get pregnant and give birth, and they actually didn’t even need that much intelligence to care for the children because most of what mothers needed to do for their children to ensure their survival (give birth, feed, love, protect) are behaviors women exhibit instinctively. That is to say, a woman does not need the cognitive capacity of the forebrain to do what’s necessary, but can rely on the instincts of her hindbrain. Women don’t need to learn how to care for and protect their child; they just do it by default. Most women also prefer men of greater cognitive abilities than themselves (thanks in part to hypergamy), so if you have a very high IQ, the number of men you’d consider dating is drastically reduced, thus lowering your relative sexual mastery . The reason intelligence is not completely irrelevant for women’s sexual mastery is two-fold. First, men of high value enjoy the company of bright women and are embarrassed to bring complete nincompoops out to social events. Second, in our ancestral past, situations occasionally arose where a woman’s quick wit saved the lives of her children. For long term monogamy, of course, a woman’s intelligence is important, at least to high sexual mastery men (who usually have high IQs), as it prevents the boredom, frustration and conflict that could arise from sharing tens of thousands of meals with a simpleton.

Beauty is a kind of power

Sweet disposition Power corrupts. Beauty is a kind of power. Ergo, beauty corrupts. This is one reason, but far from the only one, why the most beautiful women are often the bitchiest. Singularly hot women are used to getting everything for free (friends, admirers, lunches, drinks, gifts) from a young age and thus frequently neglect to develop the redeeming characteristics and virtues which more homely girls are forced to cultivate. It is a pity the ugly girls are not rewarded more in terms of sexual mastery for this effort. But there is some cosmic justice after all: Hot bitches, if they do not secure commitment in their youth, are thoroughly punished for their disagreeable personalities later in life when their luster has faded. These are the bitterest of women. If you are so lucky as to be attractive, you should be sure not to neglect the refinement of your character, as it can raise your sexual mastery by 1-2 points above girls of comparable appearance. Men are drawn to low-conflict mates. Whereas men are quite comfortable having conflicts with other males, they prefer low-conflict women. Empathy, warmth and kindness are inherently attractive to men because such traits were evolutionarily advantageous to the survival of his progeny. A mean, sociopathic bitch without mirror neurons could scarcely be relied upon to provide sufficient breast milk, comfort and shelter to her children. Women with the nurturing, selfless instincts of motherhood, on the other hand, would sacrifice themselves to the saber tooth tiger to save their spawn. Learn more at http://www.coinfactory.net/vigrx-plus-is-actually-something/

Chastity Women are the arbiters of sex while men, on their part, are the arbiters of commitment. Sex happens on the woman’s premises, commitment on the man’s, because men have very little to lose from freely engaging in sex and women have very little to lose from freely entering into commitment. Men traditionally risked very little when having sex, women risked pregnancy. Women risked very little by committing, men risked hitching their genetic wagon to too few wombs. It’s usually easier for women to have sex, because most men are willing to engage in it if the woman is attractive. Similarly, it is easier for a man to have commitment, because most women eagerly commit to a high sexual mastery man. Nine out of ten single men would sleep with an attractive woman if she requested it. And nine out of ten women would marry an attractive man if he consented to it. Sex and commitment, then, are the primary bargaining chips of the two genders. Both genders attempt to coax one from the other. Men dangle the hope of commitment in front of a woman in order to get sex and women dangle the hope of sex in front of the man to get his commitment. Men who assent quickly to commitment, and women who give up their vaginas easily, lower their sexual mastery . A used car salesman who wishes to persuade you to buy a lemon will hand over the keys in exchange for very little money because he knows it’s a low value product.